What is Smitten 3D?

Smitten 3D is a 40-minute animated music video movie in 3D!




Here's a nearly-complete shot from the next Simple Carnival music video, "The Problem with Friends." It may or may not be in 3D, depending on your browser.


Here's a short talk I gave at 3D-Con about how I put together the video for "A Geek Like Me." It's in 3D, of course, so put on your red/cyan 3D glasses if you have them:


Thanks to the Victorian 3D Society for publishing my "Seven Deadly Retinal Rivalries" article in their newsletter!


Had an incredible time at 3D-Con. Met and hung out with so many interesting people, saw a lot of great 3D art, bought several cool 3D toys, and won the Paul Wing Best in Show award for "A Geek Like Me"!


I've started a blog focused on the technical end of working with 3D. If you're working with stereoscopic imagery in some capacity, this blog is for you: 3d.simplecarnival.com

I will be at 3D-Con in Murfreesboro, Tennessee this week. Besides mingling with like-minded 3D folks and buying 3D gadgets that I probably don't need, I'll be giving two short talks on Friday, July 11 at 10:00 AM. The first talk is going to be a live version of my article about retinal rivalry, published in Stereo World earlier this year. The second talk is a humorous behind-the-scenes look at how The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" video was made. I'll also be conducting the 3D Filmmakers SIG (special interest group), where I'll channel my inner Larry King by interviewing other filmmakers.

I haven't seen it yet, but an article I wrote for Stereoscopy (the magazine of the International Stereoscopic Union) was printed in the latest issue.

It turns out that YouTube's 3D player doesn't work properly on all browsers. Because of that, new anaglyph versions of The Simple Carnival's 3D videos have been uploaded to YouTube. These versions of the videos play correctly on all browsers. If you have an iPad, you'll finally be able to watch The Simple Carnival's videos in 3D. All you need is red/cyan 3D glasses (with the red filter over your left eye) and you're good to go.

Lastly, I've been chipping away at the next Simple Carnival video -- "The Problem with Friends." It's been slow-going, as I've been learning Blender in the process. Blender is an insanely powerful (and insanely difficult-to-use) CGI application. Its stereoscopic tools are pretty minimal, so I've been programming my own. If you'd like to follow the new video's progress, please "like" The Simple Carnival on Facebook -- that's where I've been providing updates and posting video clips.


So...two bits of news:

1) The video for The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" is going to be featured on a blu-ray 3D shorts compilation in Germany! I believe it's going to be called "Best of 3D."

2) I was interviewed by Torsten Hofmann for his excellent 3DContentBlog site! Check it out!

A big thanks to Torsten for making both of these things happen!


Here's the new Simple Carnival song from Smitten 3D -- "The Problem with Friends."

Chris Belin played the drum kit and Heidi Engel contributed the lovely background vocals. I sang lead vocals and played the rest of the instruments. Work has begun on a 3D animated video for this song. I'll be posting in-progress work from the video soon!


Folks, I'm separating out the 3D for Kids stuff from The Simple Carnival's stuff. There's just way too much 3D for Kids news on this site.

You can find the latest 3D for Kids news and events over at www.3dforkids.net. Please 'like' the new 3D for Kids Facebook page and follow 3D for Kids on Twitter.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Simple Carnival news!


I've always wanted to visit Scotland, but I guess one of my films will be going there instead! "A Geek Like Me" was accepted to the Life in 3D Symposium at the Edinburgh College of Art!


I'll be conducting a 3D for Kids event at the Adams Memorial Library on Saturday, March 14 at 11 AM. If you were at last year's event and enjoyed it, make sure to come back for this one -- 3/4 of the workshop will be completely new! This time out, you'll learn how to make 3D comics, even if you can't draw. I'll also show you how to use an ordinary 2D video camera to make 3D movies. It's going to be super cool! Read all about it here!


Here's an article I wrote about a 3D effect called "retinal rivalry." It was published in the latest issue of Stereo World, magazine of the National Stereoscopic Association:

The Seven Deadly Rivalries (PDF)

My Halloween costume is on the back cover of the magazine, and my mug is also in an article about for winning an award at the LA3D Movie Festival.

I don't think I've ever taken up seven pages of a magazine before, but thanks, guys! It's a real honor.


My win at last month's LA 3-D Movie Festival for "A Geek Like Me" ended up making The Hollywood Reporter, Ain't It Cool News, Creative Cow, Stereo World, Stereoscopy News, 3D-News, 3D Manifesto, and my old hometown newspaper, The Ellwood City Ledger. A big thank you to everyone who covered "A Geek Like Me" and/or this really fun event!


Get your red/cyan 3D glasses! Here's the award-winning video for The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me"...


The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" video received the Ray Zone Award for Excellence in 3-DIY at the LA 3-D Movie Festival! This was the first year for this award, and I felt especially honored to be its first recipient. Ray Zone championed the indie DIY spirit, and his work is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to make good 3D art.

See pics from the festival and my trip to LA here!


I'm in Los Angeles at the LA 3-D Movie Festival. The world premiere for "A Geek Like Me" will be at the 5 PM shorts program on Saturday, December 14.


Big thanks to Nick Keppler from Pop City Media for writing a really nice article on my 3D for Kids workshops and to Katy Nevinsky for taking some great photos. Read all about it here!


Got the official confirmation -- the music video for The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" will have its world premiere at the LA 3-D Movie Festival! And I'll be going!


Wonder what a 3D for Kids workshop is like? Wonder no more...

Note that 3D for Kids will be bigger and better than ever in 2014! About three quarters of this workshop will be different than what's shown in the video above. In 2014, I'll be demonstrating how to make a 3D video with a 2D video camera, how to draw 3D comics, and a humorous, behind-the-scenes look at a new animated music video.

Although I'm done conducting workshops for 2013, I'm taking reservations for 2014. Read more!


I'll be conducting one of the last 3D for Kids workshops in 2013 at the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library on Saturday, September 28 at 1:00 PM. Admission is free. To sign up, contact the Greensburg Hempfield Public Library childrens desk at 724-837-5620 or through www.ghal.org. You can set a reminder for yourself on the Facebook event page. See you there!


The 3D for Kids workshop has been accepted into the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire! I'll be there on Sunday, August 18th conducting three workshops. Hope to see you at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh!


Next week I'll be in Michigan for 3D-Con. I'll be giving a workshop called "So You Want to Make Something in 3D" on Saturday, June 8 at 11 AM. This will be my first time at 3D-Con -- it should be a blast!


An article I wrote ("The DIY Dual Projector Stand and Filter Holder") was published in the latest Stereo World!

You can read the article here: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3


Get out your 3D glasses! Here's a bunch of in-progress shots from the "A Geek Like Me" video. There is no sound, but you can listen to the completed song here (as well as download it on iTunes).


There are new dates listed for upcoming 3D for Kids workshops!


If you're from a library, bookstore, school, or kid-friendly organization in Western Pennsylvania, you may be interested in the free, high-energy "3D for Kids!" workshops that I conduct.

"3D for Kids!" is a 1 hour workshop where I demonstrate the science behind 3D (stereoscopy), how to create 3D art at home, and the different ways to make and view 3D art. The audience participates in 3D photography demonstrations and also has hands-on access to various 3D gadgets. This workshop has been a major hit with kids and adults alike.

Read more here!


The Easter Bunny arrived early! Here's a new song from Smitten 3D called "A Geek Like Me."


I recently gave a bunch of presentations about 3D to elementary school kids. Here's a sampling of the wonderful feedback I received.


Get out your 3D glasses! Just posted an honest-to-goodness shot from "A Geek Like Me!" Everything in this clip was drawn with pencil on paper. There is no sound yet, but the song should be released relatively soon.


Anybody going to CES next week? I would love to get some footage of The Simple Carnival's videos being shown at the 3DFF/3opolis 3D Lounge. Contact me if you can provide this.

The video below is from this past September, where The Simple Carnival's video "Tornado" was played in the 3DFF 3D Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in LA.


Last rough footage update in 2012 for "A Geek Like Me." A lot of these visuals won't make sense until they're properly put together in the final video. New footage starts at 2:50.


Just noticed that I got a mention in Stereo World, the magazine of the National Stereoscopic Association!


I got word that the video for "Smitten" was shown at the 3dfilmusic festival in Barcelona last week!


Rough footage for "A Geek Like Me."


This wonderful short film by South Korean filmmaker Sunho Park features The Simple Carnival's song "Flirt." Check it out!


Last Friday, I gave a crash course in animated 3D filmmaking to the terrific folks at Hack Pittsburgh. A good time was had by all.


Got a care package from Japan today!

Want one of these CDs? The new, remastered version of Girls Aliens Food (with 20 minutes of bonus tracks) can only be found here!


Girls Aliens Food badges have been printed up in Japan!

The new, remastered version of Girls Aliens Food (with 20 minutes of bonus tracks) is now for sale!


The Simple Carnival is back on iTunes, with 46 tracks that have never been on there before: Smitten 3D, Sonic Rescue League, Menlo Park, and a newly-remastered version of Girls Aliens Food!


The Simple Carnival's videos shown on a real movie theater in downtown L.A.? Yep!

Got an official invitation to show my music videos at the 3D Film Festival next month... and I'm going!


Get out your 3D glasses! The video for the new Simple Carnival song "Tornado" is here!


Finally -- a new song from Smitten 3D has arrived! It's called "Tornado":

The 3D video for this song will be online later this week. Enjoy!


The Simple Carnival video "Everything That Grownups Know" is an official selection at 3D-Con! It will be shown in their Stereo Theatre the week of the convention.

I won't be able to attend 3D-Con this year, but I'm envious of everyone who is able to go! It looks like it's going to be the place for everyone who loves 3D.


I'll be giving a presentation about making animated 3D music videos at HackPittsburgh. Want to know how it's done? Thinking of making your own? Then stop by!

The event is Friday, August 24, 2012, 7-8 PM. 1936 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Admission is free. Event info on Facebook


So The Simple Carnival was on German TV yesterday... sort of! Skip to 1:05 to view.

Zeiglers EM-Blog - Arnd kann den Klassiker nicht erwarten


On a roll! Don't worry -- there will be music added to this...


Thanks to the Japanese CD store Disques Dessinee for not only featuring The Simple Carnival on the front page of their web site but also for putting together this very nice in-store display!


Thanks to StereoscopyNews for featuring my talk about making animated 3D music videos!

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