Here's a trailer for Smitten 3D!

You will need red/cyan 3D glasses to view this video properly, with the red lens over the left eye. If you want to view this video in 2D, you can do so here.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the new Smitten 3D web site at!


Finally! Here's the newest Simple Carnival music video, The Problem with Friends.

You will need red/cyan 3D glasses to view this video properly, with the red lens over the left eye. If you want to view this video in 2D, you can do so here.

Heidi Engel provided background vocals and appears in the video. Chris Belin played the drum kit. I (Jeff Boller) played everything else and created the video.


I'm pleased to announce that The Simple Carnival's 3D music video for "The Problem with Friends" will have its world premiere December 12th at the LA 3-D Movie Festival in Los Angeles! And I'll be there!


Exciting news: The Simple Carnival's next album -- Smitten -- will be released in 2016! Although work will continue on completing the remaining videos for the Smitten 3D movie over the next several years (yes, years -- it's THAT big of a project), all of the music will be out there for your listening pleasure.

On a more bittersweet note, the Smitten album will be The Simple Carnival's final album. While it's been a rewarding experience to touch people around the world with the music I've created, I will be focusing on animated 3D filmmaking in the future. I will still be making music, except it will be soundtrack music for my films.


After a year and a half of work, The Simple Carnival 3D music video for "The Problem with Friends" is done! I'll be sharing the finished work online after it has premiered at a film festival. In the meantime, here's a still from the video:


This Thursday at San Francisco's Exploratorium, The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" will be shown with a host of other great 3D shorts at Robert Bloomberg's 3-D Sideshow! If you're in the area, don't miss it!

In other news, lots of work has been done on the next Simple Carnival 3D music video, "The Problem with Friends." In fact, I'm working on the very last shot as I write this. It's been a long journey, but the finished product should (hopefully) be debuting at a film festival in the near future...


I'm pleased to announce that "A Geek Like Me" won the Perron award in the Short Animated 3D category at the 3D Stereo MEDIA summit this week!


Had a great time at the Mill Valley Film Festival last weekend.

Met a bunch of interesting, talented people. Got to see "A Geek Like Me" projected in the gorgeous Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center. Saw some great movies, and one memorably awful one. Met up with an old friend. Got to know some other friends better. Saw the lead guitarist from Metallica. Was interviewed on cable TV. Saw Yoda and Indiana Jones! (Kind of.) Here's some pictures from the 46 hours I was in town.

As an aside, if you look closely at the 3D Sideshow poster from the festival, my hand-drawn mug is in the bottom row.


It's official! The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" will be screened at the presitigious Mill Valley Film Festival! It will be shown as part of The 3D Sideshow program on Saturday, October 4 and Sunday, October 12. I will be present for the Q&A following the October 4 screening. Should be fun!


Here's a short talk I gave at 3D-Con about how I put together the video for "A Geek Like Me." It's in 3D, of course, so put on your red/cyan 3D glasses if you have them:


Thanks to the Victorian 3D Society for publishing my "Seven Deadly Retinal Rivalries" article in their newsletter!


Had an incredible time at 3D-Con. Met and hung out with so many interesting people, saw a lot of great 3D art, bought several cool 3D toys, and won the Paul Wing Best in Show award for "A Geek Like Me"!


I've started a blog focused on the technical end of working with 3D. If you're working with stereoscopic imagery in some capacity, this blog is for you:

I will be at 3D-Con in Murfreesboro, Tennessee this week. Besides mingling with like-minded 3D folks and buying 3D gadgets that I probably don't need, I'll be giving two short talks on Friday, July 11 at 10:00 AM. The first talk is going to be a live version of my article about retinal rivalry, published in Stereo World earlier this year. The second talk is a humorous behind-the-scenes look at how The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" video was made. I'll also be conducting the 3D Filmmakers SIG (special interest group), where I'll channel my inner Larry King by interviewing other filmmakers.

I haven't seen it yet, but an article I wrote for Stereoscopy (the magazine of the International Stereoscopic Union) was printed in the latest issue.


So...two bits of news:

1) The video for The Simple Carnival's "A Geek Like Me" is going to be featured on a blu-ray 3D shorts compilation in Germany! I believe it's going to be called "Best of 3D."

2) I was interviewed by Torsten Hofmann for his excellent 3DContentBlog site! Check it out!

A big thanks to Torsten for making both of these things happen!